Future Erai-raws

Posted on: Nov 12, 2019

Hello Erai-Raws followers,
As you saw recently, the team upgraded the DDL service to hold more downloaders at the same time.
We used the cheapest way to do that, which is storing the files on more than one server and each server has its own speed.
At that time, we had more donators than now.
To be honest with you, we don’t know why this is happing since we are pretty sure we are doing our best.
You can see the difference between Erai-Raws releases and other releases from different teams.
The team members edit a lot of the releases manually so you can enjoy watching.
We do release multiple subs from CR, NF, AMZ, FUN(edited style), HIDIVE(edited style), VRV(Better quality) and some Raws for some anime.
Also, we work manually on Nanatsu No Taizai for the whole episode which is taking more than 7 hours straight.
Donations right now, only cover %56 ($180) of the total amount ($320) that we spend on subscriptions and servers’ cost monthly.
So, if you can help the team with a small amount to cover the rest, please do by using the PayPal or Patreon.
Some of you might say you could use the ads to cover the rest of the amount and more.
The team doesn’t care about profit or getting money that its members can use.
We only care about covering the things that belong to your (Erai-Raws follower) website.

Also, as members, we hate doing this very much since it is bothering us a lot while working on the website.
Looking at it from your perspective, it is going to be worse than us which is very bad, and we don’t want that.

Based on the donations right now, we can get ride of the new servers and use one server same as before, but we will have the same previous problems which are difficult to download from DDL, all services will be closed once we try to maintenance something, high traffic and the worse is deleting a huge amount of anime from the website, which we don’t want that.
So please, if you don’t want Erai-Raws to go to the previous situation or want it to be better and you can help, then please help us to be better by covering the rest of servers’ cost and the subscriptions for each month. That what we want only.
Thank you very much for being one of Erai-Raws follower and the anime community.